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Live Connected Services


Daily Check-in Calls

A call from a professional social worker as often as needed to enhance your

well-being. Calls provide safety, socialization and companionship as well as medication and appointment reminders, giving you peace of mind and the support you need.   

Home Visits

Weekly home visits are tailored to your individual needs to keep you safe at home and connected to your community. We monitor shifts and sudden changes in your lifestyle which enable us to act quickly and ensure the right supports are in place.

“I rushed out of town recently and had not done my mom’s weekly shopping.  Elissa stepped in and stocked my mom’s fridge that same day.  I feel more comfortable traveling knowing my mother is connected.”

Transitional Support

Hospitalizations are always difficult. We provide guidance and support during these trying times. We advocate for you to ensure you receive the care you need, bring personal items to the facility, check your mail while you are away, select the right rehabilitation center and prepare your home before your return. Once home, we accompany you to medical appointments, establish community connections, coordinate your homecare and much more.  


Older adults are eligible for many resources and benefits that they are often unaware of.  Based on your current and changing needs, we coordinate and connect you to homecare, lawyers, meals, community programs, long-term planning assistance, mental health counseling, geriatric medical services, bereavement support and more.

“My aunt was a very social person and Katie's daily check in calls are bringing that out again. Thank you.”


We create customized care plans based on your physical, social, financial and emotional needs. This extensive home visit explores your current needs and also prepares you for the future. Our focus is to maximize quality of life and independence and to minimize stress and preventable accidents.

Caregiver Support

We understand the daily stress and time commitment of caregivers and families. We are here to support you and share in the commitment to your loved one whether you live nearby or far away.

"My mother's aide abruptly quit and I scrambled to find a replacement. Live Connected found a new companion right away.  It is a huge comfort knowing I am not alone."

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