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When is more support needed?

Knowing when it is time to put more support in place is an important step in helping the older person in your life live safely at home.

Start off by looking at a person’s strengths and the aspects of their life they manage well. Through conversation, explore vulnerabilities and discuss a plan to put the right supports in place to maximize independence and minimize risk.

When trying to better understand how a person is actually coping go beyond the general “how are you doing” to elicit more honest and useful answers.

1) How do you spend your time and what does a routine day look like?

2) Who do you talk with and see on a regular basis?

3) What do you want more of in your life to feel more fulfilled?

Observations are also important in determining if it is time for more support.

1) Are there noticeable changes in appearance, health, mobility, and/or memory?

2) Is mail piled up or is the apartment not as well maintained?

3) Does the person react out of character or seem different in conversations and interactions?

There are many resources and programs that address in-home safety and quality of life across the aging spectrum. It can take time to put support in place. Start the conversation today!

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