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Important Papers Spread All Over the Place?

Are all of your documents organized, in order and stored in a comprehensive manual? Does a family member or trusted contact know your pertinent personal information?

When you live alone it is important to know that your documents are organized, and that someone you trust has a comprehensive list of everything that a close trusted relation should know about you. That close relation is your choice and can be an advocate, your child/ren, or dear friend.

  • Are all your basic advisors (lawyer, investment/financial advisor, accountant) known to your close relationship?

  • Who knows all of your medications, dosage, prescriber and reason for taking?

  • Who knows all of your doctors and best way to reach them?

  • Whom do you trust to know your passwords, credit card information etc.?

  • Do you have accounts on auto pay?

  • Where is your will, health care proxy stored?

These are just some of the questions necessary to contemplate.

Once you know that all of your important documents and paper work are in order and a loved has a comprehensive list of them all, you will feel more confident, safe and strong. In addition your child or advocate will feel relieved knowing it is best for your well-being and are prepared for the future.

This article highlights how important it is for our children to know the necessary aforementioned information. If you need any help in organizing and collating these documents so they are handy for you and arranged and organized for a trusted source, please reach out to me as I have a workbook designed to help accomplish this.