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Who are you going to call?

Often times people think they have an emergency plan in place but when a moment arises confusion and panic often set in.

Your emergency plan should include clear steps with names, up to date phone numbers and the order in which people should be called. A person nearby or in the building should have a set of keys to the home.

The plan can include:

  • family members

  • neighbors

  • friends

  • medical providers/preferred hospital

  • building staff

It is important to have a cohesive plan that has been reviewed and shared with all parties involved. You want to avoid an emergency contact being called and not feeling confident about next steps.

This plan should be prominently posted in a person’s home- on the fridge, by their bed, or on the door. The companion or home health aide should feel comfortable with this plan and steps that should be taken. If a person is living alone, a personal emergency response system is recommended to ensure this emergency plan is carried out.

We encourage you to start this conversation with your family and put an emergency plan in place.

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